Booking Preferences and Cancellation Policy

  1. Distant sessions to be booked by email if possible so a live (Zoom) session can be booked.
  2. A totally remote session is also possible with an email report to follow although not preferred with new clients.
  3. Otherwise it is possible to do the session using WhatsApp for those with no computer access close to where they can lie down. In that instance the session can be booked by phone.
  4. Live sessions can be booked by phone or email.
  5. If the client fails to show the session is fully chargeable. For distant sessions the booking would already have been paid for. For live sessions the missed session is payable upon meeting for next session.
  6. If the client gives at least 48 hours notice every effort will be made to change the appointment to suit. If not possible to reschedule with both parties, then a 50% refund applies if notice is given between 48 hours and 4 days.
  7. If the client wishes to cancel and gives more than 4 days notice then they can receive the full refund.
    If the therapist cancels at any time a full refund is given.

January 2020 Jackie Queally