Biofield Tuning Testimonials

Compared with other methods, Jackie’s biofield tuning approach has had the most positive impact on my system. Highly recommended!”
Sinead, Business entrepreneur France (see below for fuller version)

Client Testimonials

  • My energy has been moving much more easily in the body since the online group session. I feel lighter and more free and energized! Thank you so much -Malika

    Malika, Hungary Meditation teacher
  • I was vibrating/trembling all over my body and could feel roots from my feet a mile deep. Jackie, you are a very accurate, strong medium of energy fields. The effect is continuing the following day. It feels like a clearing of the old energy is happening...

    Francis, Co Galway
  • I feel that those first 5 sessions helped me a lot, helped me to move forward and I feel like my power is getting back and that I now need to do some inner healing by myself.
    I was waiting to see how I would feel over past 2 weeks and even when I had some emotional days, I was able to help myself with different tools.
    Now I'm working with the power of my thoughts to help me to heal and create a reality I wish for.
    Katarina Sidova, Dublin
  • I have been having sessions with Jackie for the past few weeks and it has been incredible. I've already started feeling more peace of mind and feeling more grounded. She is a lovely and gentle soul and my sessions with her have done me the greatest good!

    Leyna, London
  • Good evening Jackie. I just wanted to tell you our session yesterday has done me a tremendous amount of good.

     I felt a lot more grounded today and peaceful, less crazy unorganised thoughts, I felt more tuned with my inner energy, and I’m so grateful! Really looking forward to our next session.
    Thank you so much!
    Leyna Renaudin, London
  • I felt like I totally managed to let go and I am carrying this gentle feeling with me it's lovely. Thank you.

    Leyna Renaudin
  • Super Jackie. I felt light, like walking on air! I also felt a lot calmer and at peace.

    John Mannings
  • Just to say thanks so much for the wonderful session you did for me on Tuesday.I am certainly feeling the benefits, more energy and feeling very positive.   Maureen, Crete

    Maureen McGee Crete
  • "Having invested in other forms of energy healing, I am impressed by the accuracy of time lines, the physical sensations at different stages of the session and the positive impact of biofield tuning sessions with Jackie.
    Through video (ZOOM), her assessment of the physical and emotional issues to treat were accurate in terms of events which have deeply shaped my health, behaviours and personal beliefs. At stages I experienced pins and needles in my feet and a sensation of rippling waves through my legs, torso and head. Jackie's communication and explanations throughout helped me to understand, and to trust her and the process.
    Since our sessions, I have been sleeping better, my energy levels have increased and chronic back pain has decreased; I've felt more poised and centered since; I have also benefited from a greater sense of detachment, made changes to improve my quality of life and even made some major decisions to move forward.
    Compared with other methods, Jackie's biofield tuning approach has had the most positive impact on my system. Highly recommended!"
    Sinead McKenzie, Entrepreneurial Business facilitator
    Sinead McKenzie
  • I'm feeling good since my last session. Having lots of dreams and I'm feeling lighter! Thanks again. Suzanne

    Suzanne McLoughlin
  • Thanks so much! I feel so good and are an Angel!

    Cathy Malone
  • Good morning, Thank you very much for yesterday. Feeling fantastic today. (Ed: lasted at least four weeks)

    Nicole Millane
  • I'm feeling very good. In fact I felt good since the last session.

    Dan McGuire
  • I was on a dowsing workshop at Jackie's place. For somedays I had been in big trouble with my back and could hardly stand for a while, even with painkillers. Jackie offered me to treat me with the tuning forks. It only took 5 minutes and it was very special to feel the resonance deep in my body. The condition of my back was much improved!! Thankfully we could easily continue working with the dowsing rods. After driving home the pain did not return.

  • Hi Jackie, Feeling great since treatment yesterday. Very light and energetic. Thank you so much! It was really nice to meet you!

    Tim Adamson, Belfast
  • I attended a group Biofield Tuning led by Jackie. I had no idea what to expect and was amazed that Jackie picked up on a major event at around the age of nine for someone in the group. I was involved in a serious car crash in that year and as Jackie smoothed out the trauma using her forks, the constant pain in my knees lifted and did not return after I left the session. I found Jackie's group tuning really powerful and beneficial and would recommend it to anyone.

    Noel Brophy Tipperary
  • Relief from Constant Neck Pain: It was great Jackie. I was really relaxed and the pain in my neck has gone. I will grab a few fliers and put them up for you. (group tuning participant)

    Christine Donlon Charity worker, Ennis Co Clare
  • COMBINING Biofield Session with time out in Nature I had a delightful morning with Jackie. We did a biofield tuning which was very energizing and calming. I felt a lot of subtle energies during the session and had a strong sense of the energy in my whole aura being coherent with a slight buzz. It was really striking! Then we went into Nature to explore making sounds with gongs and it deepened and expanded the experience in a very potent way. That night I was so full of energy and I had a number of synchronicities and soul level insights that felt directly related to the time spent with Jackie earlier that day.

    Sean Esbjörn-Hargens PhD Philosophy and Religion/Humanities consultant business coach
  • Hi Jackie just a quick word - I slept so well Friday night after you did remote healing in fact it was only the phone that woke me. After lunch I still wanted to sleep and slept another 2 hours and last night I slept from 1am to 9am which is brill so feeling a lot more rested neck still in pain but getting better after each sleep. So Thank you angel Jackie for activation of healing xx

    Nicola Moss ceramicist
  • Attended for help with dental phobia - made a huge difference at my next appointment a few days later. I was a bit apprehensive ahead of time but nothing in comparison to previous dentist visits, and was able to tolerate the small amount of discomfort during the procedure much better than historicially. But there have been other, unexpected benefits as well - a sustained feeling of lightness and peace, a boost to my confidence which helped in managing a challenging situation with ease soon after, and a general feeling of openness - all very difficult to articulate but truly wonderful to experience! Thanks Jackie - I look forward to availing of further treatment!

    Annie Fahy
  • Hi, my name is Mark O’Donovan, and I am a research assistant at NUIG School of Medicine Galway working with old age and frailty. I have witnessed Jackie’s vibrant biofield tuning on several occasions involving her elderly father who is in the middle stages of dimentia. While I remain fully open to alternative explanations, I did observe very positive results each time with almost immediate improvements in mood and clarity of thought which lasted at least 24 hours. While the clinical literature is currently too sparse to draw any conclusions; older forms of energy work such as yoga or reiki are showing great promise in improving patient quality of life and are gradually being welcomed into mainstream medical practice. We already know that vibrations of sound resonate with our moods and memories, some would even say soul, and I believe that this new technique has a wealth of potential. I would urge anyone to approach such exciting new potentials openly and honestly; and wish Jackie all the best in her honourable endeavours.

    Mark Donovan NUIG Galway
  • Dread of Dentists? I've a dread of dentists so I asked you to help with my nerves prior to my trip to the dentist. I've had a crazy work day, and I haven't caught up since my trip too. But I meant to contact you to say - my Monday dental visit was great(so to speak) !! I was a bit apprehensive in the morning, but nothing at all in comparison to previous anxiety levels. It was a slightly different during procedure too - occasionally there was a painful poke or a little stab, and historically, the slightest little thing would be my cue to hit the ceiling, anticipating the worst. On Monday I was able to say to myself "Ouch, hope he doesn't do that again;I don't want him to stop though, let's just push through this..." This was an incredible difference from previous experiences! Looking forward to catching up with you again soon

    Annie's Dental Visit
  • It most certainly relaxed me! I came home , had something to eat & fell asleep for an hour. There is absolutely no pain, tightness, or soreness in my side or anywhere else in my abdominal  region - no gallbladder symptoms whatsoever.  My neck is a bit stiff with a slight soreness but it's much better & I feel it would take another couple of sessions to shift that completely. Thanks again. I have come several times to you over the years for various reasons and find this therapy really works.

  • Meant to text you all day. I felt great. I slept so well last night. It was great. Thank you.

    Kate Keane Café owner
  • I feel soooooo much better since our sessions yesterday. In fact I had one of the best night’s sleep in a long, long time!! Thank you! I do think that our first session marked a change for me. It marked a turning back towards being present, being in my body and eventually releasing the trauma patterns from my childhood.

    Carmel Business Coach
  • I felt a lot better after the session-I would like to return for more in the future.

    Brendan Sanders Home-Maker
  • The sciatica completely disappeared after the session.

    Noel Brophy Builder
  • I came without any preconceptions of any results and was merely curious as to how it felt. I slept solidly for twelve hours, something I have never done in my life. I also found Jackie pinpointed several events in my life with alarming accuracy. After the session I had amazing energy and ability to focus. Thank you Jackie!

    Mary Lamont
  • You are very good at this. I felt you really got to the crux of the matter and helped me get in touch with the root of problems I was not aware of.

    Samantha Nugent 3 Distant Sessions
  • Thanks so much for the treatment. I feel so much more at ease. I find biofield tuning to be a very powerful therapy, which necessitates me to do the work integrating it afterwards.

    Trisha Nash Accountant
  • I feel good- no pain or stiffness in the shoulder or back and overall feeling much better. Thanks Jackie- goodbye drugs and hello Biofield. It is amazing!

    Anne Loughrey Masseuse
  • I received a few long distance treatments from Jackie and i noticed a significant difference in my behaviour after the first treatment. I have had a long-standing habit of procrastinating. It always seemed so hard to "get things done" but after my first treatment with Jackie I was able to do things with little effort. I was so pleased to experience this because it has been an issue most of my life and I have had many different healing treatments, none of which gave me this result.

    Linda Rozee Energy Worker - Distant Sessions
  • Today was interesting. I felt a momentum that kept me grounded and optimistic despite the state of panicking/preoccupation I’ve been in for the past weeks. It's a positive and still, subtle feeling. (I really haven't been functioning well)

    Mellissa Huang Editor: Distant Sessions, California
  • I have been going to Jackie for some ongoing leg pain. What strikes me about the healing modality that Jackie does is her insight and her ability to pinpoint areas in your life where you have developed blockages, and more importantly, to release them and release them instantly. There is an amazing power that comes through during the healings that is hard to put into words. Just that you know that something very powerful is happening. Afterwards you carry with you a sense of wellbeing and a feeling that your health issue is sorting itself out at the deepest level. Thank you Jackie for your insights and healing abilities!

    Elaine Molloy International Healer
  • Thanks so much for everything Jackie I really enjoyed and got a lot of the Biofield tuning. Best wishes to you!

    Tracey Environmental Scientist
  • I have received other healing modalities from Jackie over the years and can see that in this one she really is in her element. Plus it really is far more powerful than anything I have experienced with anyone and I feel sure it is a profoundly transformative therapy. I will recommend it to many.

    Deirdre McKenzie
  • Each of my three therapy sessions had a different effect. Each were distinctly relaxing or energetic. Overall my experience leads me to beiieve this therapy has the ability to bring access to emotional calm, removing and relieving blockages in the energetic field e.g anxiety, repetitive memory patterns that do not serve, and it offers a degree of objectivity from habitual attitudes and behavior that impact on health and wellbeing- a circuit breaker if you like. I enjoyed my sessions and felt benefit that lasted and sustained me long enough to integrate its resulting charge. Jackie is a dedicated and learned practitioner and I am interested that she continues this effective therapy for physical and emotional transformation. I have already recommended her and encourage others to explore its benefits in her practice. You cannot but benefit!

    Anonymous Educator
  • I felt really well taken care of during my sessions with Jackie. The tuning forks released a deep, negative past conditioning and the meridian flush opened up blocked energy channels in my legs. Working with the sound is a powerful and healing tool. I would definitely recommend jackie's work to anybody ​who is ​looking for inner transformation.

    Ania Tyczek Specialist Yoga Teacher
  • Biofield tuning with Jackie was a beautiful experience. The use of tuning forks was a pleasant and interesting way to connect with my energy field. Jackie located energy blockages and her intuition alerted us to the corresponding emotional disturbances. After working on clearing these I felt at peace and increased flow of energy. The pain in my back also decreased. Overall it was a very pleasant, interesting and relaxing experience.

  • I feel so absolutely wonderful, thanks to you!! Haven't felt this good in years!!!!!!

    Jennifer Duffy Nurse