Choose from one of the following types of sessions.

  • Initial/standalone Classic session- lying down


  • serial session – for those paying for a series it works out at only €70 per session provided you pay in advance for four sessions
  • treatment programme of four sessions
  • Seated sessions (in person only) to help relax your body and mind, and alleviate any pains



  • Adrenal reset – to help alleviate your burn-out symptoms and relax your nervous system
  • Sonic meridian flush (in person only) a relaxing tonic to get your energy flowing smoothly and strongly



  • Facial sonic tonic (in person only, using the sonic slider) to tone up  and relax your facial skin
  • Biofield Classic tuning followed by immersion in nature (3-4 hours in total depending on drive time in the Burren Wild Atlantic Way Ireland)
  • Group sessions – small groups can benefit greatly and enjoy the treatment at an economic rate- distant or live
  • Tuning your business – whether you are a sole owner or manage a team, tuning the people in your business and addressing key issues by clearing problems and augmenting core strengths, and setting and  manifesting new intentions

Please note that a no-show is fully chargeable. If you cancel within 4 full days (96 hours) there is a 50% charge. Every effort will be made to change the time if you give at least 48 hours notice. Cancellations are fully refundable with more than two days notice.


Generally after a Biofield sessions you will feel grounded, rested and often lighter than normal. You should ensure you take some time out to relax. ground and integrate the session.


Sessions normally last an hour, although the first one takes about 15 minutes longer. For distant sessions ideally we go live using a ZOOM link I email you. Alternatively we start at an allotted time and then end with a ZOOM session. Invariably when we report our findings to each other  the exchange is enlightening. If you prefer not to use ZOOM and have an entirely remote session, please indicate on the form. In that case I will send you an email report at the end, and ask that you to email me your observations. In this way I can gauge how you are progressing and how we are attuning to each other.

General Points to Remember:

  • Keep all your clothes on apart from your shoes in live sessions
  • Always drink plenty of water during and after a session.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to rest and assimilate the effects of the treatment (at least 15 minutes in nature, or alone with yourself resting and breathing).
  • Pay attention to your breath. Please allow deep natural breathing throughout the session, especially when you feel any resistance.


Fill in the form and indicate your time and dates of preference. Please use the time clock to calculate the time in Greenwich Mean Time.

I will return to you with a suggested appointment time. Once we have reached agreement I ask that you book the session within the next 24 hours.I will then send an acceptance email to you confirming your session time and date.


€240 for main programme of four sessions (each session 6-10 days apart)

€70 for 75 minutes – stand alone and initial session – €10 returned upon fourth session in series
€60 for 60 minutes (minimum length of time, often longer) for subsequent sessions


Option 1: Bank transfer from within EU to:

Jacqueline Queally AIB Gort Branch

Gort Co Galway

sort code 93-71-18

account number 09968274

IBAN IE15AIBK93711809968274


Option 2: send to on PayPal

gift someone biofield tuning session

I look forward to hearing from you on the form below:

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Alternatively you may ring me on 00353 834117498