About Jackie

What led me to Biofield Tuning


As a child I was a sensitive, attuned to my environment and its subtle dimensions. Naturally in early adulthood I explored healing, which I recognised as an aspect of my soul purpose. My earliest trainings in the 80s and 90s were with medically trained doctors (Dr Nicola Hall, Bayly School Reflexology; Dr Carol Brierley, Prometheus School of Healing). I created “Reflexology for Self-Help” classes which I ran for many years in Edinburgh. For ten years I ran my own tour company specializing in sacred places. Later in Ireland I continued guiding people to places of great natural beauty and energy. I continued my interest in therapies and for a while worked as a body-centred Raynor Massage therapist, helping clients release deep stress and pain. I also continued writing books that embrace the dimensions of subtle energies. See Earthwise for details.


Some years before I became a biofield tuning practitioner I became acutely aware of the therapeutic benefits of sound. Sound can help you relax, transform and heal on many levels when applied with skill. I studied sound healing modules with Fabian Maman who originated vibrational medicine using tuning forks. I also trained to incorporate gong and drum sounds into my practice. I then discovered Biofield Tuning, a powerful and precise cutting-edge method created by Nautilus Book Award winner, researcher Eileen McCusick. I attended the first accredited training in Europe and am based in Ireland. I’ve helped clients in a wide variety of ways and essentially the tuning forks work with intention on the energy field that surrounds us all. Be prepared to feel far lighter, sleep far better, become more present and focused, lose your emotional and physical problems, find that elusive motivation, slow down those racing thoughts and even find peace.

Biofield Tuning really assists you to become the change you want to happen. It enables you to release your stuck emotional patterns and evolve. I love this work and the rapid results it invariably brings in client’s lives.

If you are curious to experience this wonderful therapy do contact me on 00353 (0)834117498 or email me on jackie@biofieldtuningireland.com


I’ve had an interest in healing for 40 years now, in particular the effects of vibrations on consciousness. Decades ago I dreamt that sound will become the future medicine for humanity as it is powerful yet non-invasive and takes into account other dimensions that are potentially measurable. The great seer Edgar Cayce apparently said likewise. In Biofield Tuning the founder Eileen McCusick has opened the research pathway for a more scientific approach into the multi-dimensional beings that we truly are. Her work is undergoing clinical trials. I find this is crucial if such evolved approaches are to reach the masses.


In the past decade since I came to Ireland I have become more and more aware of how sound, or more specifically vibration, is an amplifying medium. I used to experience this with my own healing gong whose frequency is closely aligned with the planet Pluto, known as “the transformer”. With Biofield Tuning, I find it creates subtle ongoing improvements in the psyche as the memory field purges itself of unprocessed hurts. It then immediately restores higher energy levels. Yet it can also facilitate a far deeper transformation. In further sessions clients are able to integrate the opportunities for growth and balance Biofield Tuning affords. In the process mental and general health vastly improve, with people feeling lighter and more grounded and fully present. In short, they find themselves more able to cope with modern stresses. They themselves growing in unexpected ways as new opportunities present themselves!


So far among other conditions I have achieved positive outcomes with divorce pain, grief over loss of loved ones, work stress, knee joint pains, backache, sciatica, insomnia, depression, Alzheimers, historical abuse, effects of abortion, severe anxiety, lack of direction, lack of focus, work and domestic stresses.

Above all I am helping client to recognise their blockages and encouraging them to let go so they can renew themselves. The forks do not lie!

I seem to attract new thinkers in the scientific industry and also other therapists such as bio energy workers and yoga teachers seeking self-care.

I live in South Galway and am available for in-house sessions.  Of equal effectiveness are my distance sessions using Zoom video-conferencing. In-house sessions usually last between 60-75 minutes. Distant sessions take between 75 and 90 minutes.


From 1999 I led tours of sacred sites of Scotland whereI lived. e.g Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland where my guides still sell

Now I am based on the Wild Atlantic Way, andI combine trips into nature with biofield sessions. This is a deeply satisfying experience for clients in which they ground and integrate their session, and expand their sense of well-being. I highly recommend it!


I’ve been told that I bring joy and passion to the audience when I share my experiences. Because I really believe in the power and importance of Biofield Tuning, a subject where science and spirituality meet, I offer public talks explaining how it works and why it is such a forward-looking therapy in today’s changing world. It is a powerful tool that will help you ride the changes and challenges with greater ease.

In 2019 I spoke at the Cork Mind Body Experience and then at the RDS Dublin show where many in the audience were moved to tears during my short tuning demo!

Contact me if you wish me to present y0ur group with a talk and demonstration. I look forward to hearing from you!


The internet opens up my services to a wider group of people than those in my day-day circle. For me this is a wonderful opportunity to help more people. The problems I help with all stem from blockages creating unsustainable health patterns in the body or mind. One of my first clients was able to come off her long-term medication for depression. At the same time I managed to help my own father sharpen his focus that he loses due to dementia. He became far more articulate during appointments with professionals following my treatment! The therapy certainly helps those who cannot readily expand into a more relaxed frame of mind.

I have even had some sceptics who tried me out because they knew me, and then were blown away by how much the sessions relaxed them.

In all instances I facilitate the client to let go of the trauma or emotional patterning that has created a disturbance in their energy field. My skill lies in detecting the anomalies and then finding the shortest and most productive way to remove the obstacles. If the client can acknowledge trauma that I have identified it can help move the memory out of their energy system. In fact I enjoy working with people who take an interest in their overall health and well being, and want to take responsibility for how they are. I love the fact that Biofield Tuning is non-judgemental. It can be a wonderful co-creative process that does not take much talking to shift things along. I’ve been inspired by how the therapy works to effectively change patterns held in an individual’s “pain body”, often attracting new positive events in their life with very little time delay. Several people had interesting job offers following my treatment for instance!

I am greatly encouraged by this therapy because it allows people to live fuller more fulfilled lives at optimum energy levels.

There is an element of pendulum dowsing in the protocol of Biofield Tuning. Since I am a seasoned dowser (I have taught classes in pendulum dowsing) I feel confident to use dowsing throughout the session to check progress.

Biofield Tuning certainly addresses the gap between science and healing.


I have been told many times that I have natural healing abilities, and yet for me, the more scientific or rationale explanations offered in the Biofield Tuning model appeals, as it helps people understand their own internal process more. I appreciate approaching a subject from both a left and right-brained perspective. Anything that nourishes both the right and left sides of my brain feels balanced. I suspect that many readers feel the same.

A client summed it up thus: “The therapy helps bring you to that still point where anything is possible. You discover that you have more potential than you previously realized.”


I am one of  relatively few Biofield tuners in the Republic of Ireland from the original batch of fifteen fully qualified therapists Europe-wide. Since beginning to practise Biofield Tuning four years ago I have served mainly women who already are quite self-aware. Interestingly some of them have been past clients from my workshops on Reconnecting with Nature. Then when I started offering distant sessions I was able to help others including an Irish shaman, a builder, a professor and an editor. So it is obvious to me that the internet opens up my service to a wider group of people than those in my day-day circle. For me this is a wonderful opportunity to help more people. I enjoy gathering testimonials.


Biofield Tuning is non-judgemental. It can be a wonderful co-creative process that works at a deeper energetic level than the mind. Therefore it does not require much talking to shift things along.

Enough said! I’ll see you in a session and in the meantime, take care!