This is what Biofield Tuning Group sessions are all about!

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From International Pods to local groups.

After training in Biofield Tuning I joined an international pod where we tuned the whole group in turn. Members lived on any continent and could often sense when they were receiving a tuning from someone. This extraordinary practice has led me this year to offer live biofield tuning in group sessions in various settings. To tune a group rather than an individual, I create a hologram of everyone present in the room and then work as normal. I realised the power that exists in group intent, which amplifies the effects of the tuning.

Thoot Ballylee (Yeats Tower) Studio

Studio for biofield tuning

Plaque outside studio designed by Jethro Sheen of Gort

Back of Studio

Then in early Summer a new studio opened on the enchanting island where W. B Yeats used to live in South Galway, and as a volunteer there I immediately realised its potential for healing and transformation.To my amazement I was granted permission to offer tuning sessions on a weekly basis there, and later someone reminded me that I was indeed the first person to use the space after President Higgin’s wife Sabina Higgins had opened the venue. The venue is a veritable hotspot for elementals and on occasions I have seen trout leap in the adjacent river, which is most unusual these days! But then, it seems I have an affinity with wild fish, (another story……).

A Large Tuning in Dublin

I had recently given a demonstration of biofield tuning in the RDS in Dublin where I opened the Earth Star and Sun Star spots for all attending. There were over 100 in the audience, and it was the most packed audience of the entire day. When I am giving a talk these things don’t matter to me – it could be an audience of 1 or 100 and all that matters is that I am in the flow of delivering the message. So I was truly surprised when people from all over Ireland contacted me afterwards to share their positive experiences of energy shifting within them, moving them emotionally close to tears often.

One woman from another city happened to stray from the rugby match in the stadium adjacent to the RDS because she felt bored. Finding my talk on, she wandered into the back of the room and soon experienced anything but boredom! She became a client and told me her experiences continue to help her in biofield tuning, maintaining that her experiences that day at the RDS have been validated by her one-one sessions.

Combining Tuning with Toning and Mudras

toning before biofield tuning

Toning in the studio as a warm-up

biofield tuning with Jackie Queally of biofield tuning Ireland

Tuning section

Group biofield tunings certainly seem to amplify the work that I do when the group intent is to shift or heal various issues. In the group sessions I am currently working through the various chakras one at a time, starting the series with the feet. I also introduce toning specific chakra notes with their respective phonetic sound and mudra (hand gesture). Invariably when we do this at the start of the session and then again at the end, the group discover their voices are far clearer and stronger, as their energies have cleared in the chakra we worked on. It truly is a lovely co-creative exercise to partake in. It is both educational and enlightening to experience.

The beauty of the venue at Thoor Ballylee (Yeats’ tower home) is that I can finish with some gong playing as the birds are our only neighbours in among the trees, unless trout have ears! It is all about vibration so perhaps they too sense it as they rest under the boulders in the evening twilight.

Jackie Queally healing gong

Some gong playing to chill out even further

Infinite Possibilities for Group Tuning

Romancing aside, tuning groups has endless possibilities. One can tune a business (which I have!), or a business group for any intent they have reached. Or why not conferences to keep people more focused and free of distraction? Or carer’s groups to help them feel lighter, and so on. We can put any intent on a session rather than working with the chakras. We can even tune our organs or our biological systems. How about tuning our collective fear, external pollution, or political situations? It is all about transforming negative thought forms into freer ones. The power of using tuning forks with intent is phenomenal, and I am sure in the years to come more work will be carried out in this manner.

In the meantime, if you or your group would like a series of tune-ups in your area, please contact me to arrange it.

The Thoor Ballylee group is growing in numbers and the joy and energy that prevails by the end of the session is palpable.

Many blessings, until we meet again!

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