Some Things To Consider When You Book A Session In Biofield Tuning

My cores belief in working with Biofield Tuning is that it has the power to change lives. Biofield Tuning is a process unique to each client. I’d like to think that clients can work with the potential the Biofield Tuning sessions offers them. Here I have listed some concepts that might be helpful to consider:

Why people come for Biofield Tuning

I think one of the key things I have to consider when I offer any form of therapy is why has the person come to me? More than often it is because she thinks I can help them solve a problem. It is very useful therefore to acknowledge the problem. I find I can spend quite a lot of time rephrasing a problem because people may only have a vague idea why they contacted you. Yet at some level they know it will help them to receive the tuning. Perhaps they want to change at some deep level…I first want to establish a connection and a trust with the client.

One area that I find repeats itself is clients who come hoping the session will help them find a new job. I’ve witnessed clients finding new work offers almost instantly after a session!

The role of listening helps the client

It always feels good to realize how you are feeling and to have it acknowledged by an active listener. After listening acutely so as to allow space for the main problem to come into view, I then reflect it back to the client. The process never seems to take very long but those minutes help establish a trust. Voicing a clear articulate description of a perceived problem will make a client feel lighter and more at ease.

The power of the mind to weave its way into any healing process is tremendous, so I like to make things as clear as possible from the start. This does not mean forcing a false identity or label on the client, but rather reflecting back from the depths of my perception what is bothering them most. After stating the problem we open the session in the spirit of complete surrender to what works best on all levels for the client since the mind might think they came for one problem when at a deeper level they came for another! In other words, I work with non-attachments to outcomes or to the story.

Limiting Beliefs can be transformed

The client has to believe at some level that change, or a solution, is at hand. If she doesn’t believe a solution is possible she might be holding some form of limiting belief. Limiting beliefs often stem from trauma in childhood days, and I often find the emotional residue when combing the energy field. It is quite uplifting when a client can identify the event that led to a belief that is potentially blocking the healing process, or process of transformation. Once identified it is often quite easy to let go of the self-limiting mindset. As ever, deep breathing into the fear is a good tool for releasing it. Releasing limiting beliefs will expedite the whole therapeutic process.

A gradual process

Generally the client will need three or four sessions within 7- 10 days of each other in order to establish a healthy pattern that lasts. After the client has had their energy field adjusted potentially new outcomes will automatically flow into their lives. The client has to feel confident they can find the resources required to implement change, and also have the courage to implement the new pattern. Biofield Tuning can help with that aspect too. It leads the client into a process of transformation that is less of a quick fix and more one of a gradual growth in self-belief and courage.

Managing your process

It is the responsibility of the client to allow her newfound flow to continue after the session(s). It’s advisable the client returns for top–up sessions whenever she encounters stumbling blocks that prevent her truly adopting a new direction in life.

The sessions inevitably unleash new potential in a client. The Biofield Tuning process supports a growth in self-awareness, enabling a client to manage her fears and blocks and bring more harmony into their lives.