The Biofield Interfaces With A Larger Field Of Shared Energy

It is very interesting for me to contemplate how the human Biofield is an energy field that surrounds us infinitely. I have always observed how different places resonate with different people, and Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of the morphic field of resonance goes some way to explaining how people will be linked to places through their natural preferences, dictated to by the range of frequencies the environment or space offers. Likewise I understand how people’s more personal energy fields lying close to their bodies consist of a storage of memories and emotional patterns that are often created as a result of reacting to external events. These patterns interface with the “soup” outside their personal boundaries. The interface influences environments. I think people are attracted to environments that resonate with their own pattern, so they feel non-threatened by their environment. The more that people pile on their own patterns into the soup of a particular place or environment, the more intransigent or hostile the atmosphere becomes to those who do not identify with it. Research into how DNA responds to emotions shows that emotions can influence our DNA at great distances. Read how?

The best chance of instigating a healthy flow of energy in the world is when people broaden their frequency so they can integrate with a wider range of environments. With Biofield Tuning, people become more able to tolerate a wide range of environments, as their antennae lose their bruises and heal of trauma. The narrow range of frequencies that held people to certain environments begin to lose its grip on the psyche and people feel freer to explore from a neutral stance.