HOW Biofield Tuning WORKS

Biofield Tuning is a relatively new discipline invented by researcher and award-winning author Eileen McCusick

As an experienced sound therapist I’ve discovered this method to be highly effective and powerful in relieving stress in my clients, making them feel lighter, more present and able to cope easily with everyday life and its challenges.

How does it work?

According to its founder Eileen McCusick from Vermont, USA it uses the vibrations of tuning forks she has specially crafted to detect and then harmonize disturbances in a client’s electro-magnetic field. She has through her many years of practice developed a mentally constructed timeline within what she terms the human Biofield.

Within a five foot area around the human body she attributes different emotions and memories to specific locations. Each of these events and associated emotions link to events in a client’s life that are related to specific energy centres (widely known by the Indian name of chakras that are positioned along the central column of their body). After careful combing with a vibrating fork through the Biofield, the therapist inserts all the energies gathered into the central core of our body via these energy centres. The combing starts five feet or so away from the body which represents where life started in our mother’s womb! Whenever any imbalance or negatively charged energy is encountered, there is a change in the sound frequency of the fork. These points reflect an emotional pattern that is blocking a good energy flow. The therapist will attend to it until the sound of the forks is clear, indicating a neutralizing of the stuck energy. By slowly returning the energy into the chakra the body is energized. The chakras themselves are then “columned” which means the energies are slowly released upwards from the energy centres , restting the body and its energy field with a harmonic, loving resonance. There are other techniques involved too according to which programme you are opting for, but that is it in a nutshell.

Not only does it neutralize your negative patterning – it also integrates the new healthy pattern in your body. Whilst many energy medicines may work on the periphery of your Biofield, this therapy grounds the changes within the body. Although simple it is highly effective when performed by a sensitive therapist. It serves to significantly support and boost your health and vitality.

To recap, the therapist detects imbalances in your energy field created by emotional patterns that block your energy flow. She restores balance in your body by first neutralizing, then re-integrating these stuck patterns into the body before finally releasing them. Of course the negative thought patterns that might have resulted from us carrying round old stuck energy can be reactivated if we don’t start to pay closer attention to our fears. I have seen clients who had a tendency toward fear and negativity. After several weeks they reverted to their old patterns. That is why it is best people come for Biofield Tuning when they genuinely want to change themselves.

Even if we have severe illnesses we can improve our health if we choose to release our negative patterns that impact on our bodies.

  • Biofield Tuning is currently undergoing clinical trials in a U.S. hospital.
  • It requires no particular belief system apart from an open mind and a wish to heal/improve yourself.
  • You don’t have to be sick to benefit from a session. Many clients use it in a more conscious fashion to co-create new healthy patterns in their lives. By acknowledging past traumas you will become more self-aware, healthy and confident in your life.

Moreover everything in the energy field that surrounds us is linked, and so distant sessions works by resonance.

Biofield TUNING is an energy medicine, which is designed to assess where the body’s energies are blocked, trapped or not in harmony, and then correct the flow of these energies to boost health and vitality. The theory of the energy medicine approach is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energies are important for physical spiritual and emotional health, and for fostering well-being.

With thanks to Eileen McKusick (for the wording in above paragraph) Eileen developed this method originally.

Try it yourself and be surprised at the concrete, fast results!

Biofield Tuning

    • Makes you feel light, flowing and stable
    • Shifts what is not working in your life
    • Helps bring you back to optimum vibration
    • Transform lives
    • It holds the underlying premise that health is determined by our emotional state of being.
    • It understands that emotions create energy.
    • It acknowledges an external energy field that affects the client’s own energy field.
    • It utilizes dowsing as a vital component in the process. As a long-term dowser/diviner and teacher I realize that this ancient art acts as a medium for gathering information from a wide energy field.
    • It exploits the ability of sound to move energy dramatically.
    • It allows the client to experience themselves without the mind getting in the way.
    • It addresses my core belief that the client heals best when they feel responsible for their own health.