Our Electro Magnetic And Electro Chemical Bodies

In Biofield Tuning we work at the electro magnetic level in the Biofield, and once we neutralize the energies we can take them into the body via the chakras where they become part of the electro chemical range of frequencies. It is this frequency level that integrates the work done in the electro magnetic field.

In the allopathic medicine model this electro chemical level is more susceptible to manipulation by the drugs. There often are dangerous side effects of taking long-term drugs to tackle illnesses. Even herbs create a chemical response within the body. An alternative is to tackle the wider issues prevalent in the Biofield so as to allow the possibility for lasting change.

When I saw an advertorial for a virulent Chinese herb Lion’s Mane to help with memory loss for instance, I recalled how I administered the forks to my own father who suffers from dementia. The effect of altering the waves of electro magnetic energy outside his body had an immediate effect on him without any side effects. He sharpened his short-term memory that was all but lost, and reverted to behavior from previous years. In contrast, when he ingests even herbs, he has to continue doing so for a long time at greater expense, and will find that symptoms return whenever he stops taking those herbs. With Biofield Tuning the sessions become more apart in time as the client co-creates a new pattern. I favour tackling symptoms on the electro magnetic level since I sense it is far less invasive yet effective in the long term.