Visualize the sea as a neutral state of being, ebbing and flowing in harmony with deep cosmic rhythms. Then imagine the waves are your emotions tossing themselves to and fro, building up tensions in your original state of being, threatenening and disrupting your life flow. Emotions naturally get stuck in the “Biofield” that surrounds our bodies, preventing us from experiencing good health and an energetic, free-flowing life. Let me help you recognize and remove your hidden blockages that prevent you from leading a full life! Raise your energy levels and sleep soundly from this day on.

Biofield Tuning Therapy

Looking for Help?

What do I do?

I am an experienced therapist offering distant or live sessions in Biofield Tuning, a cutting-edge, well-researched therapy created by Eileen McCusick from Vermont. Her work is currently undergoing clinical trials. It is a highly effective, deeply relaxing therapy that can help you make those changes in your life you seek, as it untangles and neutralizes negative patterns in your electro-magnetic field.

What can you expect?

After a session of biofield tuning, expect to feel lighter, more centred and able to focus, with much of your pain and discomfort no longer there.

Jackie Queally Biofield Tuning Ireland

My clients benefit from a more permanent state of relaxation than what they can experience from a deep massage. They also enjoy a definite lightness of being and heightened self-awareness.

Biofield tuning helps alleviate all manner of illnesses, including insomnia, depression, fatigue, dementia, stress disorder, back-ache, body pain.


Maintain focus and high energy levels

Function better in any stressful environment

Improve your health

Love yourself more!

My role is to assist you self-heal from any emotional, physical or spiritual ailment you may be suffering from.

I slept great! Now I feel freer and full of life! I feel fully present as I work now. Thank you Biofield Tuning Ireland so much!